Sustainability Policy

The Chiswick Flower Market is set up as a Community Interest Company which is a not for profit company that exists to benefit the community. It is run wholly by local volunteers.

Our aim is to create a positive impact on the local community whilst acting responsibly towards the environment. We want the market to be a catalyst for the growth of independent businesses, well-being and environmental awareness, as well as helping our High Road remain vibrant and relevant.

The Chiswick Flower Market Sustainability Policy is designed to communicate our values and to enable all our volunteers and traders to work towards the same objectives.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote responsibility for the environment
  • minimise waste by reduction, re-use and recycling
  • use any profits from the market to improve the local environment and support local businesses
  • encourage involvement in local initiatives/schemes which help the community and/or the environment
  • champion sustainable horticulture through the selection of independent traders that have implemented environmental sustainability strategies
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation/regulation

Our Sustainability Practices

  • Traders – We support local businesses as much as possible. We support British grown flowers and plants to reduce the carbon footprint of the market. We select traders based on their product offering, proximity and their sustainability ethos.
  • Transport – We encourage people to take public transport to visit the market, or to visit by cycle or on foot. In order to support this practice, we arrange cargo bikes which can be used to deliver purchases within a range of 2km of the marketplace.
  • Use of plastics – we acknowledge that plastic is widely used in the horticultural industry. However, we do not condone single use plastic. All plastic should be reused, recycled or composted. Black plastic pots that cannot be recycled should be reused. Single use plastic bags should not be used at the market unless they are biodegradable. All traders providing bags must use paper or biodegradable bags. We encourage all visitors to bring their own bags and Traders must do the same. We sell jute and cotton bags to provide a sustainable alternative for customers who have not brought their own bag. We expressly forbid the use of floral foam which is single use, non-biodegradable, micro plastic that cannot be recycled.
  • Growing medium – the overuse of peat is harmful to the environment and so we ask that all growing medium be peat-free, or with reduced peat content.
  • Health and safety – we undertake a risk assessment of the market to ensure a safe environment for all visitors, traders and volunteers.
  • We ensure the market is compliant with government guidance on best practice for a safe environment.
  • We seek input from local residents and businesses whenever possible to ensure the operations and offerings of the flower market are in tune with the community.
  • We make our Sustainability Policy and Practices publicly available.
  • We continually strive to improve our own sustainability performance.