We launched a plastic pot recycling scheme at the market in February 2022.

The Chiswick Flower Market team has a strong sustainability ethos and we want to play our part in helping to reduce the horticultural industry’s use of virgin plastic. We note that most black plastic cannot be recycled and so ends up in landfill. Plus we think it is better to reuse where possible, than to recycle, hence our scheme has been designed to encourage and facilitate the reuse of plastic plant pots.

Our scheme operates as follows:

  • Customers are asked to drop off pots on market day at the recycling centre which is located at the entrance to the market, next to the plant creche and cargo bike delivery. Look for the “Pot Swap” sign.
  • They MUST be clean and in good condition.
  • If you are in need of pots (to plant seeds, pot on a houseplant etc) then please do come and collect some. There is no need to bring pots in order to take some away.
  • Any pots left at the end of market day will be taken and used by our traders.

We are very open to suggestions on this so please do get in touch via info@chiswickflowermarket.com.