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Chiswick Market Public Realm Concept Proposal

These proposals seek to dramatically enhance the public realm whilst maintaining existing uses for car parking and market stalls.

The key structural features are:

  • A rain garden planted strip to replace the broken concrete paving adjacent to parking bays
  • Rationalised parking bays to make better use of available space, improved vehicle manoeuvring space and provision of a loading bay for deliveries
  • Enhanced pedestrian flows and increased pavement space
  • Additional cycle racks
  • Welcoming and coherent entrances to the space from east, west
    and north
  • Maintained and enhanced market stall space
  • Creation of flexible spaces for temporary uses
  • Retention of all trees with improved root zone space
  • Provision of well-located high quality seating
  • Improved accessibility for mobility and visually impaired

Proposed Layout: Structural Arrangement Plan